Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Volunteers from abroad in Moruca, taking a break.

There has been several groups of volunteers from abroad in Moruca for the last couple of years, which are teachers and doctors. The volunteers work at the Santa Rosa Secondary School and at the Kumaka District Hospital which is located at Kumaka. They are mainly from the groups of Worldteach and PeaceCorps. They really make a difference in peoples lives and I really respect them for that. They learn to adapt to the way of the Amerindians in Moruca. About now I really don't know if they are still volunteering in Moruca or anyother part of the interior.

After a hard day of work I'm sure they take a time to relax.

When I was there(Moruca September2007) I happen to be there for the Amerindian Heritage. They had a day of sports and a little presentation which I enjoyed very much. That day I met some of the volunteers, down to earth and friendly people.

We chatted for a bit, then we took cups of "fly", no beer. It was a little too sweet I think, but good. Seeing them drink the "fly" and there faces turned red, all I was thinking was-hope they don't feel sick tomorrow.

I heard the next day they were all fine. Even though being in a foreign country, much less a place where there is little technology, they learn to adapt to the way of the people and there culture. Letting loose after a week of work by drinking "fly" is definitly part of Amerindians in Moruca.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The trip from Georgetown to Moruca

this picture is at the Parika stelling
this picture is at the Charity stelling
this picture i took when my husband and I were on the boat going to Moruca
If you want to take a trip from Georgetown to Moruca I guarantee that you will enjoy every bit of it. Let me tell you about it. It's really unforgetable and adventurous. First you need to go to the Parika bus station.And when there go into a bus that is going to Parika and no where else. Taxis are also avaiable but the bus is cheaper. On the way to Parkia you will cross the Demerara Harbour Bridge which has an amazing view. The trip takes about half and hour to meet Parika.There you will see lots of vendors selling vegetables, clothes, household things and a lot more. The Parika stelling is located on the bank of the Essequibo river. It is mostly known for it's Ferry service to different places on the coast. At the Parika stelling you must keep an eye on your luggages because there is always some handyman that wanna help and wanna rush things. At the stelling go into a speed boat that is going to Supeenam. I have to say that this boat ride is sometimes rough but you also have nice view to take your mind off it. That ride takes about half an hour to Supeenam. At Supeenam take a taxi going to Charity. Charity is in region two in the Pomeroon on the Essequibo Coast. The ride from Supeenam to Charity takes about one hour and fourty minutes. On your way to Charity you will pass a lot of rice fields, cattles and some amazing view... about twenty mintues before reaching Charity you will come upon Anna Regina a village in region two. At Charity there they have a market place and it is well crowded on Mondays. When there go to the dock. It's on the bank of the Pomeroon river. The Pomeroon river is really large in length and width. That river leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Go into a speed boat that is going to Moruca. That trip from Charity to Moruca is the most amazing ride for me. It takes about half an hour to meet the Atlantic Ocean from the Charity dock. It's amazing and breath taking for people who had never seen or been in a speed boat on the ocean before. Sometimes crossing over is a bit rough but nothing to worry about. I guarantee that you will say it was well worth it beacuse of what is awaiting for you in Moruca. After crossing part of the ocean you will go into the Moruca river. At the beginning you will see lots of antgrove trees and from there it's tree apon trees and also savannahs.You will probably stop at some villages for passengers to come off. It takes in all about two hours to meet Moruca. And when there enjoy yourself to de bone.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Moruca is a large town made up of several small villages like Santa Rosa, Huridiah, Kumaka, Aquero, Coco etc etc. It's a place where transportation is by river mostly. So if you don't know how to paddle a boat seek some help because its a fun thing to do. It's the opposite in some ways than Lethem(people who know lethem). It's a large place to visit and have a realaxing and memorable vacation. The place is very green and full of fun activities. The people there are most friendly and likes to make friends. The river is a place where you can go fishing, go swimming, paddle boats,sight seeing etc. Moruca is a place of tranquility.(this picture was taken by me in September last year when we were going back to georgetown... the Moruca river is seen in the background and the trench is leading to one of the villages name Waramuri... that village is known for its white sand)